Broadway, Here I Come

Rachel Barbara Berry ✫
If you don't know who I am - which is very unlikely, seeing as I'm a very commanding presence - I'll give you the briefest run down one can fathom when discussing the whole life of a budding, young ingénue. I'm co-captain and lead soloist of the McKinley High School Glee Club, I'm currently starring as Bonnie, in a community production of Bonnie & Clyde and am heavily involved in singing, dance and acting training.
I'm a talent for the ages, essentially.

I’m composing set lists for our next competition… 

Of course, the solos I’m considering for me are all flawless, but I’m having trouble composing ideas for group numbers… any input?

  rachel berry rp   open   starter   /// the rachel shelby scene made me cry and i am still emotional so

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    Um… thanks, Brittany. That’s nice of you.
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    I think you’re a great co-captain when you want to be… like when you’re not ordering everyone around. You’re actually...
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    Who are you and what have you done with Rachel Berry?
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    I’d really appreciate that. Thanks, star. I’m sure it won’t I’m just…nervous.