Broadway, Here I Come

Rachel Barbara Berry ✫
If you don't know who I am - which is very unlikely, seeing as I'm a very commanding presence - I'll give you the briefest run down one can fathom when discussing the whole life of a budding, young ingénue. I'm co-captain and lead soloist of the McKinley High School Glee Club, I'm currently starring as Bonnie, in a community production of Bonnie & Clyde and am heavily involved in singing, dance and acting training.
I'm a talent for the ages, essentially.

How 'Bout A Dance? // Faberry 

  • Rachel:  was barely nervous as she stood on the slope reaching up to Quinn Fabray's home, her fingers twitching a little by her sides as she ran over the speech she had prepared in her head. A few days ago, she would have been experiencing pure terror... now... that all just plateaued into solid and undeniable knowledge. Maybe it was because of the gun knocking her to her senses, showing her how fragile human life was... or maybe it was just Quinn. But as she knocked on the door and her heart started to dance a little, she knew she was ready to do this.
  Quinn   Faberry   Glee RP

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